The living room!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

yah its a long weekend this labour weekend i am so happy because i can sleep in and do not have to work in the morning which i have been doing all week just to earn money.
its really sad that amy has left to go on her big oe . i am going to miss her so much.
the other night i was msn messenger talking to my brother simon who is living in belguim overseas.
and he was saying he gets payed for playing a friendly game of soccer.
its not a professional game.
its really good having msn because u can talk to people and it wont cost you anything.
why thats all i have to say.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Two funerals and a wedding

Today i went to a wedding, I love going to weddings its exciting getting all dressed up.
Have you ever seen that film four weddings and a funeral, well this was kinda different in the last few weeks i have been to two funerals and a wedding.
I got and email from my brother simon living in belguim he is working hard at his job.
it sounds like he might be living over there for a while so i hope to be able to save up and go on my oe and be able to see the world.
My mums friend turned 57 and we gave her a surprise party and it was cool.
all her friends came and people from our church came.
and it was like a tea.
I found out this lady I no found out she has cancer and suppose to be not alive so i thank god that she has another chance to living life, even though she nos that could die any moment.
life is so fragile.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Yay i can't wait till jasmines birthday because i get to come back to christchurch from blenheim and get to see all my friends from opawa church and other friends.its guy folks weekend so it will awesome.
My sister hannah might be coming down with me.
i have been listening to lifehouse cd i recommend listening to it, its really good music if you like that type of music.