The living room!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Another year nearly gone!

this year has gone so fast i can't believe the year is nearly over ending with a big christmas.
i love christmas time its really exciting when all the family come home.
its awesome i only get to see my brothers at christmas each year so its always good to see them.
i have been really busy working so far i have payed half my student loan so that is really good.
i wanna get it payed off before the end of january, it will be a good feeling.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A great weekend!

Not last weekend but the weekend before i went to christchurch for jasmines birthday. it was an awesome weekend i went down on the bus on the friday and stayed at my friends house candy she is really nice, a awesome friend who i miss very much. went to movies and saw elizabethtown, its really good movie it remindered me of when my dad died a bit, as its about this mans dad who died and he has to organise the funeral. it was such a hot day a beautiful day, for jasmines birthday. went to church on sunday morning. it was really good to see everyone at church who i hadn't seen for a while so that was awesome.
at the moment i am filling out my application form for the nanny course at earlychildhood college in christchurch i hope i will get in as i think i will.
and that will mean moving back to christchurch, i can't wait.
its going to be really exciting.
its really good how amy has a blog and she is keeping it up to date about her big oe.
sounds like she is having a blast overseas.