The living room!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

hey everyone

I hope everyone has being enjoying there holidays.
my brother simon is going back to belguim on the 1st of february, which is not long.
but its great to see him home anyway.
i am going down on the train to christchurch on the 3rd of february which i am really excited about. Today i went out to my dads grave with simon and his wife and sister hannah out in ward,which is about 40 mins out of blenheim on the way to christchurch.
for those who dont no.
for those who haven't seen the '' wow hits 2006'' dvd it has really good christian music and recommend it 2 everyone.
you can buy it at any of the christian book shops.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

This year

yay if you didnt no i got into the nanny coarse at the earlychildhood college education in christchurch.
and so excited to come back to christchurch.
its also awsome to hear that amy has come back from her big oe overseas.
another year to look forward.
i didnt have a very good christmas i was sick but other than that it was good.
hopefully saving up this year ad going on holiday 2 australia at the end of this year