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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Saturday with the youth group

On saturday night oby had an event called the progessive dinner bus trip thing, it was so much fun, everyone got to dress up starting with the letter 'B', I dressed up as a beach babe so funny, I had like bikini bottoms over the top of my jeans and bikini top over the top of my tee- shirt and a jersey on top, and had a swimming hat and googles on and holding a bucket. It was a great turn out of people who came along. those who couldn't make it missed out on a great night event. This weekend it is shelley's birthday a happy 21st party so cool. and im really excited her actual birthday was on the 16th may. and also my little sister hannah's birthday was on the 17th may.
she turned 16 so cool i can't believe she is getting older. thats not as bad as turning 20 though next march how scary is that aghhhh.
I hope everyone who reads my blog is having a great week.


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