The living room!

Friday, June 16, 2006

My week has been really good, i have been at course and we did this drama skit, it was on "the rumble in the jungle" so funny. and i was a rhino by myself as all the other animals in the play were in pairs. i was so brave and standing up talking in front of all the other practium familys and children. and i was so out of my comfort zone, but i felt pretty good apparently i did pretty well so thats good. today 1 of my tutors had her last day at college so that was sad as she had been there for a while. i really hope we have snow tomorrow as reported, last monday i played in the snow with my friends jaz and candy it was so fun, had a huge snow fight i was really happy we didnt have to go to
tonight koru is on which is really cool and i no we will have lots of fun. and it will be great to meet new people. i have had so many assignments lately they seem to due every week one after the other. but i think this term has gone really fast. the holidays are due in 2 weeks so i cant wait as i will be going to hanmer the first weekend then my little sister hannah will come down from blenheim which so cool because i havent seen her for ages and my sister is so excited about coming down to see me i think she is a bit lonely as i have a big family and everyone has left home and she is the only left with my mum so yea i think i would be to.
but that is my update on my blog which i dont do very often.
as i find it hard to come up with something to write but now i have.
hopw it was not to boring lol. hehehehe