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Friday, July 28, 2006

Back to work

at church they have been talking about work and my work this week has been at practicum for my my nannying course. I have been looking after 9 month old twin boys so cute and 3 yr old girl so cute too.
its been so full on the twins are crawling around everywhere so they keep you on your toes lol.
the family are really nice they make you feel part of the family, its going to sad since i only have one more week at practicum but i got ask to babysit for them somtime so im looking forward to that. tonight i went to the movie night at church and watched piglets big movie, I thought it was quite a good kids movie yea i didnt think it was that bad lol.
but i am looking forward to going to the snow with the youth group on saturday so it will be fun.
last year went to the snow with the church and it was awesome so it should just as good lol.
i hope everyone who reads my blog has had a great week.
and I thought it would be cool to turn up in my pyjamas on sunday to church which is kinda embarrasing but who cares. but it will be fun. so if you see me in my pyjamas at church you no thats me. lol


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