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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My weekend

My weekend was awsome i went to the snow with the youth group which was so much fun.
went to lake lyndon (mind the spelling) and have a bbq lunch and then found a spot just before lake lyndon where we could have a snow fight and slide down the mountain on taboggans which was so much fun. and it wasnt even that cold which was good even though i had a lot of layers of clothes on. Randell, lydia and stephen climb to the top of the mountain and slide down on taboggans which i thought they were crazy but they are the sort that would do that lol just joking. that mountain was pretty steep.
that evening i went to the movies with my friend and watched "you and me and dupree",
which is a really funny movie to watch, I recommend going to watch it.
anyway that is all i have to say.